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Jo's story

Jo joined us in September 2020 feeling a bit flat about her lifestyle and the impact that had had on her fitness and her weight. Following her wedding in 2019, she admits that she ‘stayed in honeymoon mode for far too long, exercising less, eating high-calorie unbalanced meals and drinking more’. Combined with no access to a gym because of the Covid-related shutdowns, her mental health was also suffering because of loneliness in the daytime and lack of routine in the evenings. 


When she signed up to the Invictus programme however, things started changing quickly. Jo’s initial aims were to drop one dress size so she didn't need to buy a load of new clothes, to feel better mentally and have more energy. The results have far exceeded these original objectives!


Jo says, ‘It became addictive when I started seeing visible results, which was as little as 4 weeks into the programme! Training first thing in the morning before work really worked for me. When I was looking for a new regime, a friend said to me 'in order to be consistent with something it needs to fit into your routine, like brushing your teeth', and I realised that I was less likely to exercise later in the day, so during the programme I did at least 3 early morning sessions midweek before work.’


Being booked onto sessions through Wodify helped too – being accountable to the coaches meant that she didn’t ever feel she could not turn up for sessions and kept her focused. Jo never missed any of the virtual sessions that Fortis provided during further gym shutdowns, and credits the coaches for pushing her during this time and keeping her on track.


She continues; ‘Overall I have learned so much from the programme about exercise and nutrition, and it has definitely changed my lifestyle for the better. I particularly enjoyed learning about the macro breakdowns of food (fat/protein/carbohydrates) and ensuring that my meals were balanced. Diet and exercise can do amazing things, you don't have to be extreme, just consistent!’


A brilliant set of results – everyone at Fortis is extremely proud of what you have achieved.

Key results


weight lost


Body fat reduced


muscle gain