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Danny's story

We make the point to potential members before they start our Invictus programme that it is a lifestyle change, not just a training programme – for Danny Attwood, this could not be more accurate.

When Danny first came to the club to meet with Fortis team, he was out of shape, lacking confidence, having some significant personal difficulties and admitting to being at rock bottom.


He says: “Life has been pretty challenging and I really needed a last straw to clutch. I met with Emma (co-owner) and came away feeling like I’d had an hour of counselling, but I knew this was the place to be to sort myself out.”

He started his programme in May 2021 and, despite admitting to “feeling intimidated by gyms”, threw himself into the training straight away at his gameplan meeting. He continues: “I knew straight away it was the real deal with a no-nonsense approach. I remember sitting there looking at the lion mural on the wall and listening to the Fortis coaches and the fire inside started to ignite!”

Danny has been a force of nature throughout his time at Fortis, showing great commitment and desire to better himself, his fitness, and his mental health. One of the most likeable people you’ll ever meet, he has inspired other members in their sessions together, with good humour and hard work combining to ensure he achieves great things.

Over the course of Invictus Danny has achieved incredible results, losing 11.2% of his body fat, shedding 9.8kg in weight, and adding 0.6kg of muscle. Most importantly, he has found an inner confidence that shines through in all his interactions with the Fortis team and members. 


He sums up his experience with these words: “A massive thank you for such a life-changing 12 weeks. It feels like a fresh start at life again, and I’m eternally grateful. I feel I have control of my life back with positivity, energy, passion, being able to tackle things head on and in the right mind set.”


We are delighted for Danny and so pleased that he is remaining as a member of the club, together with taking courses to gain qualifications as a PT and sports therapist. 

Key results


weight lost


Body fat reduced


muscle gain