Before and after - Adam Winfield
Before Invictus - Adam Winfield
After Invictus - Adam Winfield

Adam's story


Adam finished his 12-week Invictus programme with us in July 2021, and achieved outstanding results and completely changed his lifestyle and approach to fitness.  

His commitment and hard work throughout the 12 weeks on programme was evident all the way through, creating impressive changes in his strength, body fat, weight and posture. A superb set of results leading to a more confident and healthy individual!


Losing over 10% of his overall body fat and dropping 10.5kg in weight, together with massively reducing his visceral fat levels (the dangerous stuff that can surround your major organs), he has been committed to the programme and never missed a session, pushing himself to the max whenever he’s been at the gym. His onward focus will be to add muscle, on top of the 0.5kg of lean muscle that he has put on during his programme.


Another huge change for Adam is shown in the images – his posture was poor before he started due to a combination of a sedentary lifestyle, long distance driving for work and sitting in an office chair. Flipping this lifestyle upside down and adding consistent and focused exercise has achieved great results, contributing to a very visible improvement in posture and frame.


Well done Adam – massively impressive results, and a supremely dedicated trainer.

Key results


weight lost


Body fat reduced


muscle gain