Success stories -  Adam Winfield 3.jpg

Adam Winfield

Adam achieved great results on his Invictus programme which he completed in July 2021.

His commitment and hard work throughout the 12 weeks on programme was evident all the way through, creating impressive changes in his strength, body fat, weight and posture. A superb set of results leading to a more confident and healthy individual!

Success stories - Rachel Winfield 3.jpg

Rachel Winfield

Rachel completed her 12-week Invictus programme in July 2021, looking and feeling very different to the start of her journey.

She took great ownership of her training and nutrition, demonstrating a great commitment at all times to the programme. Her brilliant results are testament to this dedication combined with guidance from our expert team. 

Success story - Jo Reeve3.jpg

Jo Reeve

Jo is a fabulous success story, having completed her (slightly extended)  Invictus programme in 2021 through lockdowns and virtual training.

She joined us after losing her way with diet and lack of motivation - with support from our coaches Jo absolutely smashed her goals with incredible results, looking and feeling much better by the end. 

Success stories - Lauren Green3.jpg

Lauren Green

Lauren achieved a strong set of results on her Invictus programme - despite a 12 month pause to have a baby!

Rejoining the programme in May 2021, Lauren smashed her initial goals, getting back into pre-pregnancy shape through the Invictus programme. Guidance from the trainers and her strong support group of like-minded members helped achieve great things!

Success stories - Danny Attwood3.jpg

Danny Attwood

Joining us at a time when he needed support with some personal issues, Danny has made great progress with his physical and mental health throughout his Invictus programme.​

Achieving incredible results and being an important part of our Fortis community has improved Danny's confidence, which radiates from him now! We are proud to have been able to guide and support him.