Success stories

Real results, real people

A major element of being a member at Fortis is celebrating both individual and collective successes as a community. We are proud of every member who has pushed themselves out of their comfort zone and achieved great things - here are some of the stories and images that showcase a range of member journeys. 


Find out how being part of the Fortis community has had a positive influence on the fitness and the lives of some truly inspiring people.


We have helped hundreds of like-minded people to achieve positive results in changing their physique and mindsets. Check out some amazing transformations here.

Inspiring Story

Discover how Emily finally found her mojo

Inspiring Story

Ex-Royal Navy, 60 years old....loving life once again and is in the best shape 

Inspiring Story

Discover why Nicola was worried about her own mortality and what she did to live life to the full.

Inspiring Story

Jamies' health both physical and mental was deterioating. He was in a bad place, despite having everything he wanted in life materialistically.