We can change your life.

"We can change your life"

Is not a sentence we throw around lightly, but when you embrace our advice, receive our support, become accountable and make the change...we can certainly change your life.

Danny needed help - to get back on track with his life and I truly believe FORTIS, the members and coaches have had such an amazing impact on his life.

We touched on what Dannys' results were a few weeks ago, however we didn't quite delve into how much it has changed his life.

Danny got incredible results in his 12 week transformation programme, but the biggest notable change is in Dannys confidence. He's a really well liked member at the gym, yet he didn't necessarily know it. We love having him around.

The FORTIS team are so proud of his achievements over the last 12 weeks. In the 4 months we've known him, he has:

*Started his level 3 course to become a personal trainer. *Re-joining the RAF as a reservist from being a full-time regiment gunner. *Ran a half marathon. *Fitness, strength and health has skyrocketed. *Lost 11% Body fat *Got a FORTIS tattoo

I'm writing this as i'm also ex-forces and i know how much grit and determination forces personnel have. Sometimes they just lose their way and in a bit of direction.

We'll always support you Danny. Well done.

Perhaps you can be our next incredible life changing story? Experience Fortis :

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