"The biggest injustice for you, is being called a gym"

were the wise words of a very successful business man that attends our club.

He was right, we are much more than just a gym...

It has been an incredible month...

It doesn't feel two minutes ago since we had the launch evening of Fortis, previously known as My Gym Space.

The evening was incredible - we had a huge turn out of people that are close and special to us that have all played their part in the story behind FORTIS.

Members and friends donned in gold/black/white... a live singer, fireworks and then the big unveil...unbeknown to our guests as to why they were here in the first place.

The reception we got to the new brand was immense and one of our proudest moments in the history of our club.

It was an incredibly special moment and a lot of work went into the rebrand.

My Gym Space will always have a special place in our hearts, but ours and our members future is FORTIS.

One month on...and what a month, the new name has been so well received and accurately fits what we're all about.

Please continue to follow us on the FORTIS journey as this is just the start and something else...quite epic, is coming!

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