The benefits of stretching

Stretching after training can be really beneficial to your training regime. Sometimes it can be tempting to hit the showers or quickly rush off to work after a gym session, but a good stretching session can provide many positives that will support your onward training.

Firstly, when we stretch after exercise, we allow our muscles to repair more quickly as we improve the circulation of blood to them, allowing them to relax and receive oxygen more efficiently. It also protects our joints such as the knee, ankle, and shoulder by ensuring that the tissues around them have less tension and work more effectively.

Stretching also reduces lactic acid, produced whenever you exercise, which contributes to sore and aching muscles.

Improved circulation means a lower heart rate, gradually getting back to a resting rate. You bring your body back to balance at a slow pace with stretching, which offers your body and mind a sense of patience, mindfulness and relaxation after your workout.

Pictured here is Sam being put through her stretching routine by coach David at the end of her session. If you’re unsure of the best stretches for you, speak to a member of the Fortis team for some expert advice.

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