Nutrition advice

Simple changes = big results!

A huge part of the service we provide to our members is the nutritional education, advice and support. To get serious results both training and nutrition need to be on point, working well together to ensure goals are achieved. We aim to educate our members to better understand the principles of great nutrition.


Whether on the Invictus programme or a member of the club, ensuring that you are fuelling your body before and replenishing it after training is crucial to your success. We will help you to understand how to choose the correct ways to give you the energy required to train effectively, and also how to refuel and recover well. 

Our gameplan session and ongoing support will inspire you to make better choices so that you form new, positive habits that will ensure you make lifelong, sustainable lifestyle changes. We will arm you with the knowledge and understanding that equips you to continue on with your new found healthy lifestyle. 

Paying attention to habits and relationship with food is often vital to get a true , sustainable change. Our coaches support you to tackle any bad habits and introduce new, healthy ones. All of our members benefit from having access to the members area of our website with recipes and shopping lists to help you boost your intake of healthy, delicious food. 

Health and fitness doesn't have a finish line; it's a lifestyle. Join us to find out more!