Lifestyle coaching

Making positive sustainable lifestyle changes

We understand that making big changes in your lifestyle can be a daunting process – the Fortis team have years of experience working with clients to develop positive habits and remove those elements of self-sabotage.


It isn’t necessarily about ripping up the blueprint to your life and starting again either. Simple changes that are sustainable can be the key to success. Our personal trainers and team work with you to understand your goals, what is holding you back from achieving them and putting you on the right path to smashing them.


Sports psychology

In making changes and developing resilience, our team will support you to understand the psychology behind what we do at Fortis. Our programmes focus on motivation, so it is important to understand what motivation is and some of the concepts that are involved with it.


Members will have access to resources that focus on areas such as:

  • goal setting

  • achieving your goals

  • overcoming ‘gym anxiety’

  • extrinsic and intrinsic motivation

  • the need for achievement

  • achievement goal theory