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Lauren's story

Lauren originally joined Fortis on the Invictus programme in February 2020, and had started to make some positive progress before the whole nation went into Covid-related lockdown and gyms had to shut. She continued to train from home via Zoom sessions hosted by the Fortis coaches, enjoying these sessions and doing well – however, she then decided to pause her training when she got the fantastic news that she was pregnant with her second child!

Fast-forward a year and Lauren, fresh from becoming a mummy to her beautiful little boy, restarted Invictus in May 2021. Admitting that she’d gained a bit of baby weight, Lauren’s motivations were to get fitter and healthier and back into the shape she’d been in prior to lockdown and pregnancy.


She has been a positive force around the club during her 12-weeks on Invictus, working extremely hard during sessions and showing great commitment in attending four sessions every week for the final eight weeks of the programme. This consistency has led to really impressive results, together with Lauren forming very strong bonds with a number of other members, training together a number of times a week – this support network has been important for them all, with this group of members constantly motivating and pushing one another to succeed during their time on programme.


During Lauren’s programme she has dropped 1.6kg of weight overall, losing 4.7% body fat and 5 inches from her waist, together with adding 1.5kg of muscle.

The Fortis team have been so impressed with Lauren’s dedication to her training and these results show the hard work that she’s put in. Lauren will be staying on at the club as a member alongside nine of her fellow Invictus intake, and we can’t wait to see what else she will achieve. 

Key results


weight lost


Body fat reduced


muscle gain