Your body & Mind, The Evolution

What is the "Your Body & Mind, The Evolution"

The Evolution is your lifestyle transformation that encompasses a solution to many of your day to day struggles in fitness and health. 

Intake Days

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1st April 2022

12th Sept 2022

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3rd January 2022

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The FORTIS Promise.

We promise that when you stick to this programme you will get incredible results - If you are not happy with your result.  We'll train you for  FREE until you are.

Our promise is that you will love training with us - if you stick 

Our renowned 12 week transformation programme

Overhaul your lifestyle to create and reveal a more balanced, healthy approach that will achieve a true, underlying lifestyle change. You will pay attention to habits that influence your behaviour, consider your relationship with food and unleash your motivation to stick to a consistent training plan. A journey of self-development as you learn, grow and push to your limits to finally achieve your goals and dreams. 


Kicking off the Invictus programme is a welcoming, informative gameplan meeting where our team introduce you to the club; ensuring you feel welcome and at ease, meeting the other members embarking on Invictus on the same intake. Learning starts here, as we run through the main nutrition principles, discuss training sessions, habits and support before we challenge you to harness that inner strength and start the programme with sheer grit and determination. By the end of this meeting you should feel incredibly motivated – positivity is contagious! 

You need to import dedication, commitment and determination and we will deliver:

  •  12 weeks of expert coaching, full nutritional package with PT tracked nutrition and unrivalled support

  • Unlimited semi-private sessions coached by our industry expert personal trainers

  • Programmes designed around your individual/ specific goals

  • Consistent support from our knowledgeable team

  • Access to our Fortis support group with supportive, helpful members

  • Training using top of the range gym equipment

  • Body composition analysis and monitoring, including use of our InBody composition scanner

  • A warm welcome into our fitness club becoming part of the Fortis Family.


A group graduation session awaits you at the end of Invictus – our opportunity to champion you, to celebrate your results and showcase your progress!

Fortis – the best part of your day.