Frequently Asked questions

What is the minimum contract length for members?

We have no contracts, we know that you will love training with us and you will love the experience. We don't feel like we should lock you into a contract, we're a family run business built on reputation. We're here to get you results and help you fall in love with training.  If you don't want to stay, no worries - you can leave at any time. 

We would prefer you give us a few months of your time, so that we can help you break bad habits and create some great new ones! 

How much does it cost?

It is difficult to give an exact cost as we have different membership options, as well as transformation programmes. 


We offer a free initial 'FORTItude' meeting where you come to the club and meet with us to discuss where you’re currently at, get you on our body scanner and take a look at your goals.


No tie ins!

Do you offer trial sessions before people apply?

We don’t do trial sessions,  our focus is on lifestyle changes and results driven training – however if you feel that our club isn't for you...we don't lock you into a contract so you can leave at any point! We can offer you a free FORTItude meeting, where we talk about your experience, your goals, any barriers and discuss what you’ve struggled with in the past. This meeting can be enlightening and the breakthrough that you need. 

We don't do pushy sales, we talk about where you're at, your goals and vision for yourself. We'll explain how we can help you achieve can then decide if we're for you!


Can I pause my programme or membership at any time?

Yes. We understand that things happen in life that often can’t be helped such as injury, and we will ensure that you don’t miss anything! We have a cool incentive of using our float tank ( to help with any injury rehab whilst you're paused with us. To get you back to training in no time!

How do I go from being a member on Invictus to being a full member?

As you approach the end of your 12-week programme, our Transformation Programme Co-ordinator will meet with you or call you to discuss your results, your experiences and invite you to become a full-time member of the gym. There are different tiers of membership, so we will work with you to establish which is the best option for you and your progress.

Does Fortis have a corporate membership scheme?

Yes – please contact our membership team to find out more.

Can I cancel my membership at any time?

Yes, we normally need 30 days notice as good will. However you can leave at any time, we know you'll love it here so we're not concerned about tieing you into a contract.

How do I pay for my membership?

Our booking and tracking software Wodify collects payment through direct payment from a debit or credit card.

What is the  minimum age for members?

The minimum age is 16 for our programmes and membership.

I’ve never done strength training before. Have you ever supported beginners to this before, and what support will I get?

We train members at all levels of fitness, strength and experience and support them to make progress through careful introduction to the equipment and close monitoring through the programme.


Our coaches lead every session, ensuring that all members are lifting correctly and safely, focusing on improving technique and ensuring progression.

What times are the sessions?

Our coached sessions run a 6.30am, 7.30am, 9.30am, 12.30pm, 4pm, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm (Monday-Friday) and are an hour long. You need to attend a minimum of three sessions per week, but you can choose which sessions you wish to do. 


We are also open to members only for ‘open gym’ sessions. You can still follow our programming from the TV screens around the gym and team will be available to support.

How are the sessions structured?

  • Hybrid – Strength and conditioning

  • Pure Strength – Purely strength and hypertrophy training

  • METCON – High intensity, full body conditioning.


Are all the sessions personal trainer led?

Yes - Fortis has hand-picked the best personal trainers and strength and conditioning coaches in the industry to deliver your training, ensuring you receive a fantastic results-driven experience with us.


Is parking available on site?

Yes – free parking is available for all members on the Hexgreave Estate.

Are there changing facilities and showers on site?

Yes – we have a members’ changing room with a shower available for use.

Can I grab a coffee after my workout on site?

On the Hexgreave Estate there is a coffee shop where you can purchase drinks and food. Members often socialise after sessions, and many friendships are borne out of meeting like-minded people on the same journey.