We have always had a huge interest in nutrition and supported our members to gain knowledge and understanding around healthy, nutritious and balanced eating. Creating Nosh Meal Prep was an amazing opportunity for us to help our members and local community even further. We teamed up with an expert chef who shares our passion for healthy, nutritious food that is super tasty. Nosh Meal Prep removes the stress and installs convenience. Convenience is no longer limited to unhealthy food! Nosh creates, plans, prepares and cooks a brilliant array of nutritious food to ensure you can stay healthy even when life is chaos.

If you have fat loss goals, you’re looking to gain lean muscle mass or you just want to improve and enhance your overall health and well-being then Nosh can help. Get in touch with our friendly and helpful team who will be happy to help and advise.

Sourcing fresh, seasonal and tasty ingredients to create varied, nutritious meals is what our chef loves to do and we guarantee an enticing menu which changes regularly to keep your taste buds excited.

Goodbye stress…hello nutritious convenience!